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Monkka is a news website established to provide genuine news and useful information to the public. The increase in news website and blogs accompanied by rise in counterfeit news have caused much dissatisfaction and mistrust in online news sources in the country. To bridge the gap between the audience quest for a reliable news source, and to regain the trust in online information, it has become imperative to establish this website.

Monkka is so-named, for the people of Ghana and would offer news and useful articles locally and internationally much as priority would be given to the local content. This website will also provide useful articles from expert in their respective fields in order to feed the citizenry, requesting for information to enable them stay ahead of competition in our contemporary world.

Monkka would evaluate all the news items and articles for their authenticity before posting on our medium as well as giving credit to the source as we collate them timely.

The Future of information is Here

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Our Values

Providing our users with the most latest and authentic news is our outmost priority. In addition to that is article on topics that useful to our users. Our users shouldn’t only be informed on latest happenings but also be informed on tips to make their life better.

Our Mission

Monkka is a platform where unadulterated news and topical information are disseminated to inform, educate and entertain our readers. This medium is also intended to create awareness and readily inform our readers as “the best form of being careful is being informed”.

it not  about being careful but informed

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