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One news that is perhaps making the headlines on the global entertainment calender is the rather unfortunate demise of legendary Whitney Houston.

There is no denying the fact that, her death sent shocking waves down the spines of most music enthusiasts, particularly lovers of the R&B genre.

Even though there have been a seeming post-facto rationalization of her acts by many of her lovers, some have also argued that her death was indeed an avoidable one, thus the need not to even lament much. That’s very true if you ask me. Innit? One question we should be asking ourselves as we mourn her is the many lessons we can learn from her rather unfortunate & painful death.

There’s been an unending list of drug-related deaths that have over the years hit our global entertainment calender with typical examples being that of our own famous keyboardist Kiki Djan of the great Osibisa fame, queen of African pop Brenda Fassie, the king of pop himself Michael Jackson, the ever genius Amy Winehoue amongst others.

What becomes of these great celebrities when despite all their achievements, fame & riches decide to take to illicit drugs?

•The once energetic & exciting crowd puller later struggling to make ends meet.
•The once handsome/extremely beautiful celebrity later reducing to what could be best described as a malnourished homo sapien.
•Just like the lit candle, their once blossoming & enviable talents later diminishing as though the talents never even existed.
•The once multi-dollar millionaire later wallowing in abject poverty & subsequently passing away impoverished.

What an ignominious way to cross life’s finish line!!! Well, it is said that, before someone would do something, then the person probably knows what he/she gets from that particular thing but that notwithstanding, they should also take note of the fact that, irrespective of whatever reason that pushes them into taking to illicit drugs, the repercussions in doing so far outweigh the benefits. Yes!

It’s always good to mourn such a great musician who did very well to acquire the legendary status but we also shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that, there are so many lessons that can be learnt from her death.
It’s about time those of us who are into drugs, most especially our celebrities (both local & foreign) took a cue from Whitney’s death & also advise themselves.

I conclude by quoting a portion the Graphic Showbiz’ editorial, dated 16/02/11 which stated that, “We hope Houston’s death will serve as a wake up call to everyone that drugs, whether prescribed or illicit, can kill and they must be always handled with extreme care”.

On that note, I say Whitney Houston, may your soul rest in perfect peace.

~Ozebreto Pauluu Khahaifa.~

NB:- This article was first published on 19/02/2012 (In the Graphic Showbiz)